Increase Knowledge with Gamification

Atrivity, a Compettia product, improves employee and consumer’s understanding of products or materials through increased engagement.
Over 2000 games created for companies and freelance trainers like you

What you need to know

What is gamification?

Gamification uses concepts from traditional and video games to transform serious activities and processes into games.

When people are more engaged in what they're doing, it yields better results, like improved knowledge retention.

Why do you need it?

Gamification increases performance. Sales teams excel.

HR teams share information with greater efficiency, onboard with less resources, and see material absorbed faster. Marketing teams discover new ways to interact with customers, with an impact that is powerfully engaging.

What is Atrivity?

Atrivity is a platform that allows companies to create and manage proprietary games.

Create a game easily on the web, invite users to play, and then enjoy deep metrics and tracking. Users simply download the app on their mobile devices to play. It's easy!

Why use Atrivity?

Atrivity allows audiences to learn more, faster.

Companies discover the power of engaging their employees and customers. See the results of training activities and analyze data to better understand your audience: their weaknesses and their strengths..