A powerful way to maximize team learning

Companies and trainers can effectively engage audiences while analyzing & improving performance

What you need to know

What is Atrivity?

Atrivity allows companies and trainers to create their own quiz games to increase corporate learning and customer engagement. Easily manage and analyze your organization’s games in a web dashboard, while players engage with the mobile app.

Who uses Atrivity?

People and organizations who want to share knowledge while tracking and improving results. Freelance and corporate trainers, marketing and sales managers, HR consultants and others use Atrivity.

How does it work?

Build and manage each new game in a web based dashboard. Simply upload your questions and answers, invite users to play, and track relevant stats. Users can download the app via mobile or tablet to start playing.

Why use Atrivity?

Games increase learning. Audiences learn faster and become more invested with gamification, and it’s measurable. As an organization or trainer, you can analyze retention, identify knowledge gaps, monitor training results and learn how to better train your staff and engage your audiences with Atrivity.