Compettia Talent

is led by a team of consultants with extensive professional experience in talent development solutions in organizations from the following areas of action:

  • Analysis of talent development needs
  • Multimedia Content Consulting and Audit
  • Customized development of multimedia content
  • Talent maps
  • Training itineraries
Compettia's office
Compettia's office

Analysis of talent development needs

Detection of training needs to align with corporate strategic objectives. From this analysis we can:

  • Analyze and compare real professional profiles with ideal professional profiles.
  • Define content of a tailored Corporate Talent Development Plan
  • Identify concrete actions
  • Analyze new specific needs at each department level as well as the collective.
  • Detect training needs based on what has been done and what the future holds at your organization

Multimedia Content Consulting and Audit

Technical assessment of multimedia training solutions, comparing alternatives and tools, analyzing risks and assessing benefits

  • Defining the general strategy for the implementation of multimedia content as well as a pilot including the scope of all phases
  • Pre-selection process and selection of a sophisticated delivery model: proposal of pre-selection criteria and indexes, response tabulation and summary report
  • Creation of the initial version of a unique corporate style book with graphics and navigation sections, also including both pedagogical and interactivity criteria
  • Pedagogical conceptualization of courses for future virtualization
  • Creating the initial version of the process for managing training actions on all multimedia platforms, as well as defining different roles of the people involved
  • Analysis and audit of your organization’s training catalog to propose the conversion of actions to a better multimedia format
Compettia's office
Compettia's office

Customized development of multimedia content

We provide a Content Production service of e-learning through amultidisciplinary team of specialists with expertise in human resource development and training. Our specialists respond to customer needs through innovative products and cutting-edge methodologies. Compettia Talent’s e-learning developments are based on:

  • The didactic objectives to be achieved
  • The characteristics of the participant (cultural level, dispersion, reading habits, etc…)
  • Budgetary, technological or temporal limitations
  • Adaptation to the target market, including technical, sociolinguistic and methodological
  • Ongoing advice from subject matter experts
  • A turn-key solution with a single point of contact.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of your needs and growth possibilities. We want partners, not customers.

Talent maps

Identification and evaluation of competencies and how they align with different organizational objectives:

  • Evaluate the development and growth potential of employees according to the target levels of competencies within your organization.
  • Obtain a map of high potential collaborators within the organization, based on adjustment to “objective” competencies and their measured potential.
  • Pedagogical conceptualization of courses for future virtualization
Compettia's office
Compettia's office

Training itineraries

Development of training itineraries considering aspects transversally, made up of activities that promote learning and behavioural change. The design of the itineraries will respond and adapt to the particularities of your organization and the various jobs and professional groups.Incorporation of the design of the itineraries in different training tools and resources.